Bear market likely over?

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Well, thank you. But, I'm still not confident the bear season will end up shortly, not even this year. I was just happy to see the market stay high compared to the last bear season where we are almost at the very dip and many people become hopeless during that time. But for now, I'd see great hope form the majority and the willingness to take risks and hold for many years until the full market recovery comes. In fact, it was barely to see FUDs and panic selling but rather see a high accumulation rate which is an indication that people still have trust in crypto.


It's too soon to say that it's over. Don't be confident with everything that we see in the market despite being favorable to everyone. It's just a little movement that we've seen before and how much more if it's already over again?We're aware that it will fill another all-time high but it's just too early to say that it has ended already. This could be a trap or what but all I am saying is get yourselves prepared for the best and for the worst, if it hasn't come yet.

Rruchi man

Certainly you did not expect bitcoins to keep going down, at some point we all expected that there will be a bounce back, but maybe this is too sudden and too quick for us to start calling it start of the bull season.It is good news but I will also say you shouldn't get your hopes too high so you don't get disappointed if it doesn't go your way. We are expecting a bull run, maybe it has already started happening yes, but our major concern should remain how to get more bitcoins and hodl safely.


too soon to say over , because situations like this happened before , bitcoin reached 20k$ + . this possibility is just an encouragement for the crypto market so that it is not shabby,Be careful, don't panic too much


I believe we can recover faster than what we previously imagined, , I believe the 4 year cycle has been broken and is no longer useful as a reference when the recent economic crisis occurs, Bicoin can solve that problem, let's see developments in the next few weeks and don't forget to buy now is a very cheap price, bitcoin is like a fast train so buy it before the fast train leaves you all

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AmoreJaz2022-10-27 22:43

in this market, we are all speculating to what may happen next. we can't tell if there will be bullish or bearish in the next few months. but you can always find tactics on how to possibly take advantage of the market. keep eye on news that may trigger the uptick of the market. and before that happens, you should be ready.


get ready for bullrun

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