The Hop Protocol community has passed a proposal to airdrop approximately 860,000 HOP to 35 witch hunters

2023-06-01 16:30:10AICoinShare to:

AICoin Newsletter Shane Fontaine, co-founder of the cross-chain bridge protocol Hop Protocol, initiated the proposal of "distributing HOP airdrops to witch hunters" which has been voted through, with a final support rate of 100%. According to the proposal, 869,566.51 HOP tokens will be distributed to 35 witch hunter addresses, which helped the project party remove Sybil attackers from the Hop airdrop when Hop DAO launched last year, allowing Hop DAO to retain nearly 3.5 million Hop tokens that would otherwise fall into Sybil hands, the planned airdrop is 25% of these tokens.




Price$0.08009 USDPrice Change (24h)-9.07%Trading Volume (24h)$114,415.27 USD
Market Cap$--Circulating Supply--Max Supply:1,000,000,000

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