Web3 incubator Tané completed a new round of financing of 8 million US dollars, B Dash Ventures Inc. and others participated in the investment

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BlockBeats news, on January 28, according to globenewswire, Tané, a Web3 incubator distributed in Dubai, New York and Tokyo, announced the completion of a new round of financing of US$8 million. DEEPCORE Inc., XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, DeNA Co. Ltd, B Dash Ventures Inc. and a group of individual investors participated. Currently led by Managing Partner Ikuma Mutobe, Tané invests in seed and early stage Web3 startups and projects and provides guidance in entrepreneurship, finance, engineering and business development, with a focus on cryptographic areas including infrastructure (Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains), privacy and cross-chain solutions, security, consumer applications and Token economics, DAO, NFT, DeFi.

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BTC$27,072.34 USD-0.61%$12,672,000,796 USD$524,948,641,625.93 USD
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CORE$1.414 USD+9.7%$13,910,588 USD$171,840,900 USD
DHT$0.1238 USD+9.46%$499,445.69 USD$5,031,578 USD
STARL$0.000001422 USD+9.3%$1,010,642.04 USD$14,351,383 USD

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