Sage Terminal acquires Simplify, SIMP and SAGE tokens can be migrated to new governance token EV

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According to BlockBeats news, on April 3, Sage Terminal announced that it has successfully acquired the Simplify (ERC314) project and will merge SIMP and SAGE tokens. Simplify previously launched the ERC314 concept, which aims to reduce transaction gas fees to $5-6 and eliminate the need for token authorization. However, due to the lack of slippage parameters, SIMP tokens are vulnerable to MEV attacks. At the same time, selling by pre-sale investors also put pressure on SIMP token prices. Sage's smart contracts eliminate MEV vulnerabilities and align token creator incentives. Sage is currently working with the Paladin security team to develop a new generation of audited ERC314 contracts. Sage will launch a new governance token EV to integrate the ERC314 ecosystem. The new SAGE token will be immune to MEV attacks, have low transaction costs, require no authorization, and be listed on Uniswap. To ensure fair distribution of new tokens, Sage has suspended SAGE trading. SAGE and SIMP holders can send tokens to the designated address before 23:00 on April 6, Eastern Time, to participate in token migration. New EV tokens will be airdropped proportionally during TGE. Simplify's social accounts will be transitioned to Sage to promote the development of the ERC314 standard and improve the Ethereum trading experience.


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Price$3,304.72 USDPrice Change (24h)-0.06%Trading Volume (24h)$8,656,436,522.5 USD
Market Cap$375,104,363,090.29 USDCirculating Supply120,122,267.45 Max Supply:--

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