LootBot releases V2 version, adding OTC portal and AI-enhanced on-chain trading functions

2023-11-26 22:19:33BlockBeatsShare to:

According to BlockBeats news, on November 26, the airdrop robot project LootBot announced the launch of its V2 version. LootBot V2 adds four major new features, including an airdrop automated terminal, an over-the-counter (OTC) portal, an on-chain automated trading terminal, and AI-driven analysis tools. The OTC trading portal will open next week, allowing users to trade airdrop allocations before listing, or trade any token on the OTC portal. The portal is designed specifically for airdrop tokens. Users who were unable to participate in the airdrop can purchase quotas from more fortunate wallets, and sellers can realize profits even before the token is listed for trading. All transactions are fully on-chain, secured by LootBot, and conducted peer-to-peer. In addition, LootBot also launched a fully automated on-chain trading terminal that provides real-time market data, trend insights, and uses AI analysis to enhance transaction security, such as preventing fraud. Finally, LootBot is working closely with leading AI solution partners to make LootBot more intelligent and provide users with an intuitive operating experience. This backend system will connect more than 50 protocols and 7+ chains. These new features will be rolled out gradually starting next week.

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