Introducing Neutron (NTRN) on Binance Launchpool! Farm NTRN by Staking BNB, TUSD and FDUSD

2023-10-10 17:52:00BinanceShare to:

Fellow Binancians,
Binance is excited to announce the 38th project on Binance Launchpool -
Neutron (NTRN) . Neutron
allows developers to easily build cross-chain applications over
Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and provides DeFi dApps with the
full economic security of the Cosmos Hub. Thewebpage
is estimated to be
available in 4 hours, before the Launchpool starts.
Users will be able to stake their BNB, TUSD and FDUSD into separate pools to
farm NTRN tokens over 20 days, with farming starting from 2023-10-11 00:00
Neutron Launchpool Details:
Token Name: Neutron (NTRN)
Total and Maximum Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 NTRN
Launchpool Token Rewards: 20,000,000 NTRN (2.00% of total token supply)
Initial Circulating Supply: 217,112,292 NTRN (21.71% of total token supply)
Staking Terms: KYC required
Hourly Hard Cap per User:
3,333.33 NTRN in BNB pool
416.67 NTRN in TUSD pool
416.67 NTRN in FDUSD pool
Supported Pools:
Stake BNB (webpage will
be available in around 4 hours): 16,000,000 NTRN in rewards (80%)
Stake TUSD (webpage
will be available in around 4 hours): 2,000,000 NTRN in rewards (10%)
Stake FDUSD (webpage
will be available in around 4 hours): 2,000,000 NTRN in rewards (10%)
Farming Period: 2023-10-11 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-10-30 23:59 (UTC).
NTRN Farming Distribution
Dates (00:00:00 - 23:59:59 UTC each day)
Total Daily Rewards (NTRN)
BNB Pool Daily Rewards (NTRN)
TUSD Pool Daily Rewards (NTRN)
FDUSD Pool Daily Rewards (NTRN)
Read about Neutron (NTRN) in our research report here
, which will be available
within 30 minutes of publishing this announcement.
Please note:
Snapshots of user balances and total pool balances will be taken multiple times
at any point of time each hour to get users’ hourly average balances and
calculate user rewards. User rewards will be updated each hour.
Users will be able to accumulate their rewards (calculated each hour) and
claim these rewards directly to their spot accounts at any time.
Each pool’s annual percentage yield (APY) and total pool balance will be
updated in real time.
Tokens can only be staked in one pool at a time. For example, User A cannot
stake the same BNB into two different pools at the same time, but can allocate
50% of their BNB into pool A and 50% into pool B.
Users will be able to unstake their funds at any time with no delay and
participate in any other available pools immediately.
Tokens staked in each pool and any unclaimed rewards will be automatically
transferred to each user’s spot accounts at the end of each farming period.
Binance BNB Vault will support the NTRN Launchpool. Users who have staked
their BNB in BNB Vault will automatically participate in the NTRN Launchpool,
and receive NTRN rewards daily in their Spot Wallets.
If there are more than one Launchpool projects running concurrently, users'
BNB assets in BNB Vault will be split and allocated into each project equally
unless otherwise specified.
BNB staked into Launchpool will still provide users with the standard benefits
for holding BNB ,
such as airdrops, Launchpad eligibility and VIP benefits.
Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original
English version, the English version shall prevail.
Project Links
 Participation in Launchpool is subject to eligibility based on the user's
country or region of residence.
Please note that the list of excluded countries provided below is not
exhaustive and may be subject to changes due to evolving local rules,
regulations, or other considerations.
Users need to complete their account verification and also be from an eligible
jurisdiction to participate in farmingNTRN.
Currently, users residing in the following countries or regions will not be
able to participate in farming NTRN: Belarus, Canada, Cuba, Crimea Region,
Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, New Zealand, Netherlands, North Korea,
South Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American
Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin
Islands), Zimbabwe.
This list may be updated periodically to accommodate changes in legal,
regulatory, or other factors.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team

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