ETHGlobal New York Hackathon announces 13 finalist projects

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According to BlockBeats news, on September 25, ETHGlobal announced the 13 finalists of the New York Hackathon on the social platform, covering fields such as gaming, social networking, account abstraction, and DeFi. Includes: FRAMED!: A fully on-chain and trustless hidden message game built using fhEVM. FAST: The fastest way to interact between 2 users using blockchain. Users snap a photo of themselves to register, pose with others, and then seamlessly interact with their addresses. ZeroTrustBounty: Addresses the challenges of traditional bug bounty platforms, where enterprises must trust third parties to provide sensitive data and white hats cannot guarantee payment for their services. Doom Arena: A distributed DApp for managing and creating tournaments around the Doom game. AirTracker: Decentralized physical asset tracking using AirTags and blockchain storage and messaging. SafeCreate2: Secure multi-chain smart contract deployment using single-chain security. ConsciousNFT: Provides AI-driven tools for NFT projects to awaken the conscious identity in NFTs. Space Guardians: MetaMask Guardian management system built with Snaps for satellite secure access recovery. ASR: Provides smart contract ownership recovery function, allowing users to restore the ownership of smart contracts after losing the signing key. MEVictim Rebate: Design better market incentives by identifying MEV victims in historical on-chain data and airdrop tokens to victims for access to token-gated Uniswap v4 pools on Scroll. RealReturn: RealReturn is an open, verified ranking of real ROI, enabled by TLSNotary and Jomo. Abstract Wallet: Enable instant one-click onboarding for users through account abstraction and passes. Generate credentials, smart accounts, and mint NFTs with one click. XSafe: Simplifies the cross-chain use of Gnosis Safe multi-signatures. You only need to sign once and the signature will be automatically propagated to all linked chains. Execute a single transaction across multiple networks.

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