News Express: The chief developer of Dogecoin said to switch to PoS or exit, and the debt of BNB Bridge hacker account exceeded $124 million

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AICoin Newsletter 1. Disk data: The total market value of cryptocurrencies has increased by US$5.116 billion in the past 24 hours, BTC has risen by 0.2%, with an amplitude of 1.12%, and the market sentiment is fear (FGI is 38). 2. News review: 1. Chief developer of Dogecoin: The Pos mechanism has inherent flaws, which may conflict with the core principles of Dogecoin. If Dogecoin turns to PoS, it will withdraw; 2. The BNB Bridge hacker liquidation account still has over 124 million US dollars in debt, and BNB will be liquidated again when the price drops to $211; 3. The BALD deployer has transferred 5,448 ETH to Binance, about 4. Shibarium is online and will reopen to the public on Monday.


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