Web3 mahjong game Mahjong Meta may complete over ten million dollars in financing, and will open NFT Free Mint in the near future

2023-05-26 13:16:41BlockBeatsShare to:

According to BlockBeats news, on May 26, according to sources, Mahjong Meta, an on-chain Mahjong e-sports project, may have completed over ten million dollars in financing. Investors include Folius Venture, Meteorite Labs, Parallel Ventures, etc. In Mahjong Meta, global mahjong fans will be able to show their skills through various modes such as qualifying, knockout, and championship. At the same time, Mahjong Meta's new and original Tama Master gameplay combines Mahjong's underlying logic of mathematics with customized AI strategy ideas. Let different NFT skill card combinations be the mapping of each player's understanding of mahjong's strategy and tactics to conduct automatic mahjong battles, thereby verifying the effectiveness of the strategy. It is reported that Mahjong Meta will debut Pass NFT 0xMahjong’s Free Mint on Ethereum on May 27. Users who hold this NFT will receive continuous rights and interests throughout the development stage of Mahjong Meta. 0xMahjong is also the founding collection of Mahjong Meta and the beginning project of Janshi Club Collections. At the same time, Mahjong Meta is expected to officially open in July 2023. Currently, you can directly enter the game for BETA testing on the official website MJMETA.IO.

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