BlockBeats NEXT Live Preview: Dialogue with "Invisible" DEX Layer Native, How to Eliminate Third-Party Fees

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BlockBeats news, on May 26, the seventh episode of the second season of BlockBeats NEXT will start live broadcast at 11:00 today. In this episode, BlockBeats executive editor-in-chief Zhang Shuhao, as the host, will talk to Native Lianchuang Crypto Meina, Nomad Capital partner Ricky Li, and CFX&BTC ecology enthusiast xiaoyufu to discuss how DEX can eliminate third-party fees? How can each project create its own DEX? Modular DEX infrastructure Native is a financial infrastructure layer that can convert exchange into a function. Using Native, any application can become a DEX in a few minutes, integrate top liquidity providers and earn its own transaction fees. The crypto venture fund Nomad Capital was invested and established by Binance, aiming to provide value to its portfolio projects in various ways, including services such as product consulting, business development, token economics design, talent acquisition, and token release strategy. Live address:

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