NFT lending platform Astaria has officially launched

2023-05-25 22:13:22BlockBeatsShare to:

BlockBeats news, on May 25, according to the official Twitter, Astaria, the NFT lending platform co-founded by the former Sushi CTO, announced its official launch today. Astaria is a borrower-centric platform with instant liquidity, fixed terms and no mandatory liquidation. It aims to improve the liquidity of the NFT market while protecting the interests of both borrowers and lenders. BlockBeats previously reported that Astaria has completed $8 million in financing, with participation from True Ventures, Arrington Capital, Ethereal Ventures, Wintermute, Genesis Trading, Ledger Prime, Hypersphere Ventures, and TheLAO.

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BTC$27,050.07 USD-0.61%$12,672,000,796 USD$524,516,774,472.26 USD
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DHT$0.123 USD+8.75%$501,445.56 USD$5,149,194 USD
STARL$0.000001409 USD+8.3%$1,030,447.25 USD$14,224,064 USD
CORE$1.383 USD+7.31%$14,429,026.59 USD$174,998,852 USD

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