News Express: The Council of the European Union passed regulations on encrypted assets, and the US SEC said that it may take years to clarify the regulation of encryption

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AICoin Newsletter 1. Disk data: The total market value of cryptocurrencies has increased by US$3.555 billion in the past 24 hours, and BTC has fallen by 0.16%, with an amplitude of 1.34%. The market sentiment is neutral. 2. News review: 1. Justin Sun tweeted accusing Li Lin’s younger brother of obtaining HT by abnormal means. Li Lin responded that Huo must provide evidence. If it is true, he would pay 10 times the HT to Huobi, and then HT rose short-term; 2. Coinbase Global said to temporarily suspend the payment of Ethereum pledge rewards; 3. The US SEC said that it may take years to clarify encryption regulations; 4. The Federal Reserve Mester once again emphasized that the Fed is committed to returning the inflation rate to the goal of 2%; 5. The European Union The Council unanimously approved the Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation (MiCA). 3. At 23:00 today, the Kava 13 mainnet will be launched.


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