RTFKT, a subsidiary of Nike, released the real picture of James' offline interaction, and the price of the CLONE X series NFT floor rose by 16.35% in response

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BlockBeats news, on May 3rd, RTFKT, the parent company of CLONE X-X TAKASHI MURAKAMI series NFT creation, released on social media real shots of offline interactions with NBA star LeBron James, including the founder of RTFKT and James and his only A group photo of CLONE X image NFT, and a photo of James wearing RTFKT physical shoes. According to the data of NFTGo.io, the trading volume of CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI series NFT has increased significantly since RTFKT released the relevant pictures. It is currently reported at 3.61 ETH, an increase of 16.35% in 24 hours. BlockBeats previously reported that RTFKT changed the mouth feature of its CloneX #7968 NFT work to "LBJ Beard" and the head feature to "CHOSEN 1 CRWN" in September 2022. Both new features are unique attributes (1 of 1 ). Since the encrypted fashion brand RTFKT was acquired by Nike in December 2021, and Nike signed a lifetime contract with James in 2015, the market speculated that the change was related to subsequent cooperation.

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