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What Is Everdome (DOME)?

[Everdome] is a [metaverse] belonging to the [Metahero] ecosystem. Metahero ultra-HD avatars and real-world scanned objects will engage in the Everdome metaverse, which will act as the destination for Metahero’s tech to interact and flourish. Everdome thus aims to create a ubiquitous web3 experience, which sweeps users off their feet with its hyper-realistic graphics.

The Everdome metaverse wants to capitalize on the growing Metaverse trend that saw companies like [Facebook], [Microsoft], and [Nike] getting onboard. The project envisions global adoption of the metaverse in the realms of social interaction, gaming, business, and others. It also expects the creation of land in the metaverse to follow a similar logic to the real world - one of scarcity and high prices for in-demand virtual real estate. With Everdome’s vision of a hyper-realistic metaverse, its metaverse aims to become such a scarce and high-value option.

The metaverse’s detailed roadmap projects the following milestones:

* Q2/2022: NFT collection sale v1, celebrity partnerships, integration of Metahero 3D marketplace, VR experience
* Q3/2022: world's first metaverse stock \u0026 forex market v1, [play-to-earn] v1, VR experience v2
* Q4/2022: Fashion marketplace v1, NFT markets integration v1, NPC release with exclusive AI upgrade, Adding multi-language support

Who Are the Founders of Everdome?

Everdome was launched by Robert Gryn, the youngest self-made entrepreneur in Poland to make the Forbes Top 100. A former CEO of Codewise, the second-fastest growing company in Europe, Gryn’s mission is to help accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. He is supported by a team of 25 people in total, with experience across various sectors, such as tech startups, music and entertainment, coding, blockchain, and others.

What Makes Everdome Unique?

Everdome strives to set itself apart from other metaverse projects by creating “the first hyper-realistic metaverse.” Its target audience is people looking for a highly realistic version of the metaverse that can be used for branding, social and professional interactions, and trading.

A key aspect of Everdome will be the access to virtual land in the form of [NFT]s. In Everdome, you will be able to buy, rent, and lease property in a very similar way to the real world. Furthermore, brands and individuals will have the opportunity to use virtual real estate for advertising their services and products and selling them on the native marketplace.

Furthermore, Everdome predicts _Metascanning_ to become a crucial part of the metaverse and a bridge to the real world. This will allow everyone to create 3D avatars of themselves and real-world objects in ultra-high-definition. It will also be possible to create 3D NFTs that can be purchased and traded with the [HERO] token. This technology, also known as photogrammetry, has been trialed and tested commercially since 2017 for use cases like fashion, music videos, 3D printing, and scanning artwork.

Finally, the action in the Everdome ecosystem will take place at the eponymous Everdome, which will act as the destination for said HD avatars. This HQ dome is planned to be situated on Mars and will allow artists, musicians, brands, and individuals to purchase their own space in the virtual realm. There will also be community domes for those planning to settle on the fringes of the HQ dome, where each user will be able to exercise their own plans autonomously.

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How Many Everdome (DOME) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Everdome will be powered by its DOME [utility token], which has a [total supply] of 100 million DOME. DOME is distributed as follows:

* Staking and development (24,5%): 20% at TGE, linearly over 10 months
* Exchange listing \u0026 liquidity (21,5%): 20% at TGE, linearly over 10 months
* Team (15%): linearly over 20 months
* Strategic partners \u0026 advisors (12%): linearly over 20 months
* Company reserves (10%): 10% at TGE, linearly over 18 months
* HERO exclusive presale (7,5%): 10% at TGE, linearly over 45 weeks
* Tenset Gem Launchpad (5%): 10% at TGE, linearly over 45 weeks
* Marketing (3%): unlocked
* Tenset Partnership (1%): 20% at TGE, linearly over 10 months
* Private round (0,5%):10% at TGE, linearly over 45 weeks

How Is the Everdome Network Secured?

DOME is a [BEP-20] token on the [BNB Chain]. Everdome will be built on the Binance Smart Chain using the Unreal Engine, which is used for hyper-realistic graphics in gaming and for motion pictures.

BNB Chain is secured through the [proof-of-stake] [consensus mechanism]. 21 validators are elected every 24 hours to validate transactions and maintain blockchain security. These validators have to stake a certain amount of BNB coins with Binance to be eligible.

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