Web3 Studio Sortium raises $7.8M in seed funding round

2023-01-14 05:32:06AICoinShare to:

AICoin Newsletter Web3 entertainment technology developer Sortium has raised $7.75 million in seed funding, with investors including cryptocurrency hedge fund Arca. Advances in Web3 infrastructure are widely seen as key to bringing more people and brands into the crypto industry. (Coindesk)

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a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography.All

Crypto Price Information

 PricePrice Change (24h)Trading Volume (24h)Market Cap
BTC$28,409.61 USD-0.04%$15,188,719,501 USD$549,141,634,890.77 USD
ETH$1,821.25 USD-0.22%$8,699,575,058 USD$219,373,041,193.74 USD
CGL$0.0115 USD+24.19%$1,554,667.16 USD$17,864,443 USD
SWFTC$0.001296 USD+18.57%$211,305.06 USD$11,208,753 USD
YOYO$0.001781 USD+18.18%$129,019.7 USD$319,009 USD

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