Generative AI infrastructure public chain BP-FLAC completed US$10 million in financing, with Amazon and others participating in the investment

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According to Foresight News, the generative AI infrastructure public chain BP-FLAC announced the completion of US$10 million in financing, with participation from Eureka Partners, Westlabs, Mybitdata Ltd., DecentraLabs, technology giants Amazon and NVIDIA, and the Middle East family office Alkhabeer Fund. BP-FLAC is the acronym for "blockchain powered federated learning artificial intelligence", which means "blockchain-driven federated learning artificial intelligence". The company mainly relies on global GPU nodes to provide computing power distribution for training AI, while using zero Knowledge algorithms solve data privacy issues in AI training and provide token rewards for users who provide computing power support. The new funds will be used for the company's global expansion and building GPU computing power intelligent allocation technology.

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