Former Paramount President Sid Ganis and art master Yoshi Akatsuka confirmed to attend the "EDGE Summit" Hong Kong Summit

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According to BlockBeats news, on September 24, former Oscar chairman Sid Ganis and art master Yoshi Akatsuka confirmed their attendance at the "EDGE Summit" Hong Kong summit co-sponsored by BlockBeats. Sid Ganis is a respected figure in Hollywood, recognized for his decades of impact and accomplishments in the industry. Ganis won an Emmy Award for his work on "Raiders of the Lost Ark." In addition, Ganis served as chairman of the Academy Awards, former president of Paramount Pictures, and served on the Marvel board of directors for 10 years until Marvel was acquired by Disney. Yoshihito Akatsuka Also known as Yoshi AKATSUKA, Yoshihito Akatsuka is known as a leading figure in the entertainment industry for his outstanding performance. Akatsuka has been nominated for awards three times as artistic director. Akatsuka has played key set designer roles on the films "Kill Bill," "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," "Tower of Babel" and "The Legend of The King." In addition, he participated as an art director in films such as "Detective Dee 3" and "Journey to the West". Side Ganis and Yoshihito Akatsuka were both invited by H3 Entertainment to participate in this conference. The H3 Entertainment platform consists of content creators centered on fan communities, a trading market related to film and television IP, and an exclusive AI assistant in the entertainment industry. It is committed to passing Integrate film and television IP and fan communities, and use the latest technologies such as Web3, Metaverse and AI to solve various pain points in Hollywood and the global entertainment industry. EDGE, the world's largest AI&Web3 investment summit co-organized by BlockBeats, will be held in Hong Kong from September 26th to 27th. The EDGE Global AI&Web3 Investment Summit is a groundbreaking event, representing the integration of cutting-edge technology and unlimited possibilities. It has received strong support from Hong Kong Investment Promotion Agency, Tourism Development Bureau and Cyberport, aiming to promote pioneering cooperation and use technology to help the future development of the fashion industry. Summit date: September 26th - September 27th Summit location: AsiaWorld-Expo Hong Kong, Airport Expo Blvd, Chek Lap Kok Click on the original link to receive exclusive free tickets for Rhythm BlockBeats. Blockbeats Note: Free ticket redemption code [BlockBeatsEvent], after entering the redemption code, [Free] will be displayed.

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