Websea COO Herbert Sim: Websea is a trading platform solution that combines centralization and decentralization

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According to BlockBeats news, on September 11, Websea COO Herbert Sim spoke at the "Build For Miracle" theme summit co-sponsored by Metastone and BlockBeats today when participating in the theme roundtable of "Development Trends and Challenges of Web3 Headline Track": "In In 2017, we saw more than 4,000 well-known trading platforms around the world. It was a very competitive market, and at that time, Huobi was the undisputed top trading platform, just like Binance is today. The problem now is, although There is competition in this industry, but Websea just launched a month ago. Why are we so confident? Obviously, I come here with a background of long-term industry experience, but also with a very experienced team. More Importantly, we bring a new perspective, which is the combination of centralization and decentralization. All of us have experienced the FTX incident, which caused user losses due to centralization. Now, we bring Here comes a new solution to solve this security problem. The method we use is very simple, which is a combination of centralization and decentralization. So we are one of the first companies in the world to provide this solution, with security as the first priority mission. Secondly, if explained in depth, we have artificial intelligence, payment tools and more. All our top technology services are there with security as the main focus. This is what we are seeing globally, although in Each of the 4,000 known platforms in this industry is very competitive, but our assessment is to put customers first. Secondly, you may have heard of blue ocean strategy, now globally, less than 5% of people involved in cryptocurrencies, which gives you 95% of the market sales space. This also shows how much potential there is to build the Bitcoin industry, there is actually 95% of the space that can be explored. " According to Herbert, Websea's goal is By serving the younger generation, we will bring more growth to the industry. At the same time, he also revealed at the summit that Websea’s platform currency WBS will be launched in the near future.


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