The floor price of Majo NFT launched by OpenDAO's BRC-20 DAO has risen to 0.059 BTC, and will be airdropped to Majo Token holders

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BlockBeats news, on May 26, the Majo NFT launched by OpenDAO's BRC-20 DAO has risen from the casting price of 0.001 BTC to 0.059 BTC, and the current increase has reached 59 times. It is reported that Majo NFT holders can get the BRC-20 DAO launchpad whitelist and airdrops of more ecological projects. The total number of Majo NFTs is 1,000, and the remaining 900 will be airdropped to Brc-20 Token Majo holders.

Introduction To Crypto

a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography.All

Crypto Price Information

 PricePrice Change (24h)Trading Volume (24h)Market Cap
BTC$27,046.45 USD-0.29%$12,672,000,796 USD$524,446,502,984.98 USD
ETH$1,891.18 USD-0.44%$5,815,506,555 USD$227,400,975,575.8 USD
STARL$0.000001423 USD+9.38%$1,123,914.84 USD$14,015,914 USD
ANC$0.008623 USD+7.34%$142,308.34 USD$3,078,572 USD
DHT$0.1195 USD+5.66%$458,107.38 USD$5,054,122 USD

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