A Blur Bidder Attempts to Manipulate CloneX Floor Price to Earn Token Airdrop Points

2023-04-22 14:10:11AICoinShare to:

AICoin News A market manipulator uses the Blur bidding pool to control the CloneX floor price to earn credits for the upcoming BLUR token airdrop. The data shows that the bidder sold 86 CloneXs at a price of 2.7 ETH, bought 60 Clone Xs at 2.5 ETH, bought 3 CloneXs at 2.55 ETH, and then sold 3 Clone Xs at 2.54 ETH. 2.5 ETH price to buy 300 Clone X again. Traders are willing to pay some losses in the process of buying and selling, and they believe that the value of the income from the BLUR token airdrop, which is expected to start on May 1, will outweigh the potential losses. (NFT Evening)


Blur (BLUR) is a cry...All


Price$0.5909 USDPrice Change (24h)-5.73%Trading Volume (24h)$274,292,910.06 USD
Market Cap$543,484,551.75 USDCirculating Supply1,112,011,604.83 Max Supply:--

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